"When you know that a  n   upcoming event is going to be difficult... Stop complaining and make yourself stronger" Jason

"When you know that an upcoming event is going to be difficult... Stop complaining and make yourself stronger"


Jason Grangier (born March 3, 1988) is a Swiss actor from Geneva, relocated to Paris and then, in 2014, to London

Passionate about acting since he was a child, he's always wanted to live in a big city where opportunities are waiting at every corner. First, he studied computer science in Switzerland. After his graduation, he worked for international companies as an IT Technician and also studied acting at Jean-Marie Daunas school. He then worked in some Swiss productions, TV Shows and short films.

As acting jobs were rare in his home country, he moved to France and got roles in short films and in a TV show pilot. Willing to extend his skills and life experience, he then moved to London. A few weeks later, he signed with the agency Connor Management and then has been introduced to the industry via castings for feature films and commercials.

He also met the talented director Chris Geden who hired him as the main character for two of his short films “An Everyday Man?” and “Through the mirror darkly”. Jason is also working as voiceover actor for the TV channel “GinxTV” and commercials for “Logitech” and “Wacom”.

Jason’s focus is to continue to improve his acting range while gaining the opportunity to work with creative director. It is very important for him to keep creativity running by working in small projects movies or by creating improvised scenes with other actors.

"We hired Jason for a short promotional video and photo session, and we were delighted with his performance. He was perfectly punctual.
His acting was superb, very expressive and constantly listening to our directions. I would really recommend him!"
- Anne Couvert-Castera from Hambro Perks

“We at 2002 Studios Media LTD have worked with Jason Grangier on a large number of corporate and TV related dubbing projects. He is a superb actor, with an excellent work ethic. Flexible, committed and professional. Patient with us and our process too. We would recommend him to be part of any production.”
— Steven Gurevitz - Director of 2002 Studios

“Jason has been one of the most professional and reliable people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His positive attitude and solid work ethic compliment his competence and ability. I would highly recommend Jason for any project.”
— Chris Geden - Film director

“I worked with Jason Grangier on a project for which I was the director. Jason had already made a really good impression when I first met him on a feature film set thanks to his professionalism, kindness and motivation. When we worked together, he was extremely punctual and always had a smile on his face even though we were running late. His hard work, reliability and social skills are a great asset.””
— Laetitia Cazaux - Film director